My Own Song For Christmas

by TA Walker

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released December 15, 2012




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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Track Name: My Own Song For Christmas
You remember that show, on TV years ago
They called it "A Song For Christmas"
My classmates and I longed to give it a try
Then it stopped - opportunity missed us
Many times round the sun, our sad planet has spun
But a longing of mine still shines clear
Though the show has retired to the invisible choir
But I won't let that stop me this year...

Now I'm writing my own Song For Christmas
And I know I would win it with ease
'Cos I've finally cracked The Formula
Of the big festive hit recipes

You start with the tinkling of sleigh-bells
And throw in some descending chimes
A heavenly choir if you've got one around
To signal that it's Christmas time
Obligatory reference to snowfall
Though we've not had the real thing in years
Of faces aglow, Santa Claus on his sleigh
And how this is no time for tears

Yes, I’m writing my own Song For Christmas
And I hope that you like it so far
Maybe soon I’ll get on “The X Factor”
‘Cos at Christmas we need one more star...


I've been working my way down the checklist
So everything's included there
There's mince pies, the Queen's Speech and Rudolph
And knitted red jumpers to wear
A vague recollection still haunts through my mind
Not a ghost tale, but a story I knew
A star up above, a baby lying on straw...
...oh, why not - let's put them in too!

So please play my own Song For Christmas
Whilst roasting that big gammon joint
I'll dream of the trophy I’d win for this song
And hope that I don't miss the point
I'll dream of the trophy I’d win for this song
And hope that I don’t miss the point
Track Name: Argiers