Four Loose Leaves EP

by TA Walker

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These songs "fell between" the various writing/recording projects I've been working on in recent months, but I'm rather fond of them, and thought they deserved a hearing.

"Waves Of You" and "Christmas In England" are "proper" re-recordings of two songs I wrote/demoed for the NaSoAlMo challenge in November 2015 (and I haven't forgotten about the demos from that...). The version of "Where Letters Keep" here is a new recording with the same arrangement as the original on "Blackbirds Banquet" (but re-done mainly to put right the flaws I hear in that first version), whilst "Better Purpose" is a new song that I don't think quite fits my next project idea, but i still like it and hope you will too.

Thanks for listening!

Tim - July 2016


released July 15, 2016

All songs written by T.A. Walker
Played, sung and arranged by Tim
Recorded by Tim at Sidingsound I and on the Sidingsound Mobile between November 2015 and July 2016
Special thanks to Alex Fletcher for mixing "Christmas In England", and for mix advice on "Waves Of You"
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TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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Track Name: Waves Of You
Where the fallen leaves surround
For an hour or two, is common ground
Where the mist yields to the sun
A sight best seen as more than one
Move from forest to shore
And scan for futures from the harbour wall

The waves of you that ebb and flow
And take us places we don’t know
The waves of you expand our seas
To unknown harbours on a salty breeze

Where the daylight drains away
How many drops we saved, I cannot say
The hardest part of rolling stones
They say is starting off when you’re alone
Move from forest to shore
And scan for futures from the harbour wall

The waves of you...
Track Name: Better Purpose
Is our tale an empty page
We draw upon at will?
Best to steer a moving car
Or spend some moments still?
Reach for birds in thickets, yet
Retain the one in hand
Get to know the maps that show
Your latest promised land

Someday we may find somewhere
The better purpose lying there
Just around the bend

Panting from the sprint from which
Our marathon transformed
An unaccustomed pace to run
My heart left strangely warmed
Find out where, much further than
Our navigation planned
This crazy rush has swept us
Our latest promised land

Someday we may find somewhere...

To fail to prepare - is to prepare to fail
Sometimes preparation - can take you unaware
Track Name: Where Letters Keep (remake)
It all started with the word
A greater distance, overturned
And surely by the letter they were made
Came the light, and all were pleased
And then in time, a bended knee
Began their journey - neither felt afraid

Wherever they roam
Down every path and lane
Each place where they lay to sleep
A secret store
Accompanies their steps
The chest they only know, where letters keep

As a life reveals
How words can wound or heal
A dagger or a scalpel to use
A spring both salt and sweet
A coin’s opposing sides compete
Every moment, a path we choose

Wherever they roam…

To the start, they retire
To the lines forged in fire
In the white heat where love took form
Where the strokes of the pen
Lead the memories to when
The shards to a sword reformed

Wherever they roam…
Track Name: Christmas In England
Just one more hour
Here by the fire
The embers unborn in the flames
My universe lives
Inside your embrace
A stadium of midwinter games

When the tree sprinkles light from the window
On the wet grass and cinnamon wine
Christmas in England... or anywhere
As long as there’s you - I’m fine

Gather the rug
And shut out the gale
To stay where our evening began
And doze through the sleigh-bells
Or more likely, rain
And give heartfelt thanks that we can

When the tree sprinkles light from the window...