50​-​90​-​2012 Vol 2

by TA Walker

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This is the second instalment of songs I wrote and recorded as part of the 2012 50/90 Challenge (to come up with fifty songs in the space of ninety days - see fiftyninety.fawmers.org/users/tawalker for details of my contributions). In the end, I managed to submit 36 compositions, an achievement I'm still very proud of.

Most of these songs were written in the last month of the challenge (September 2012); however, to ensure there are sixteen tracks on this collection (to match Vol 1 - hey, I like to be consistent...), I have included a few other 50/90 songs which I liked from the first two months, but which I had to leave off Vol 1 as there was no room left for them there. (In particular: I was very reluctant to leave "Lunchtime Feeling" off the first set, as I liked the song, and I'm happy it has found a home on Vol 2.)


released October 12, 2012

All instruments, voices, programming and compositions by TA Walker
Recorded in various locations and on assorted digital gear by TA Walker, July-September 2012




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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Track Name: Long Road Boogie
Well, they called this the longest road, and now I know why
I started, so I'll finish, I said – I told you no lie
The tyres look threadbare, but the wheels still turn
There's miles to go yet – I've got rubber to burn

This feels like the furthest I've attempted to drive
Maybe you'll wait for next year until I arrive
It won't stop me trying to reach my great goal
So until I'm with you, I'll keep these controls
Track Name: Autumn Returns
First brown leaves line the path to school
Soon the gates will open again
Just a matter of time before the conkers descend
But we never lost touch with the rain

And autumn returns, the same every year
All too soon, the warm months disappear
The fun of July, now photos and dreams
Now autumn has come

First signs of shops stocking Christmas cards
Scan bramble bushes for the berries they bear
Trees taking shadings of red, gold and brown
Sensing the season in the cooling air
Track Name: Lunchtime Feeling
Lunchtime feeling - slowly stealing by outside
Blink and then it’s gone for good

Moments like leaves, caught
Up in the breeze, ought
To be firmly seized, brought
Back to your door

Lunchtime feeling - minutes hanging from the sky
Pick the best and make a pie
Track Name: Flowing Back
Stare at the page, to see what appears
Illusions and lines arc from there through to here
Right words like mice to be coaxed from a hole
Offer cheese, 'cos they’re out of your control

Riding up a one-way street
Pushing water up a hill
Tell me how the notes come flowing back
Don't stop until
I see

Distant clouds huddle in the haze
Former compositions thrill and amaze
Once fertile fields languish parched and so bare
Hold out hope for signs of rain in the air
Track Name: Watch Me
When the Muse goes off on holiday and leaves her phone behind
When you try and think of song ideas, but nothing comes to mind
When words and music try their best to make them hard to find
Dig your heels, fold your arms - say:

If you think I'll never cross the finish line - watch me
If you reckon it's a silly waste of time - watch me
If you're waiting for a sign of giving in - fat chance
I've started, so I'll finish, everyone - watch me

When the well of inspiration comes up drier than a bone
When the marathon you are running feels over, failed and done
When you wish the aforementioned Muse would answer the phone
That's the time to set your face and say:

If you think I'll never cross the finish line - watch me...

When songs about songwriting are all that come to you
When tired rhymes and boring hackneyed melodies ensue
When you wonder if you flushed your writing talent down the loo
Stiffen up your lip and say with me...

If you think I'll never cross the finish line - watch me...
Track Name: Forty Talks Away
Rallying the brickbats
A different game for everyone
Meeting in the middle
Can be easier said than done
Playing to a tiebreak
Where you or I could break their serve
Playing chicken, counting on
A millisecond’s loss of nerve

When that compromise
Feels forty talks away
Sometimes it takes two
To cross the floor

Hailing frequencies
Better open, so we hear
Talk it through and over
To see things aren't as they appear
It's easier to strike out
For the shore, when it's in view
Beyond, a waiting harbour
And count on me to pull you through
Track Name: Sunny's Song
And the skies here are safe
No condors hunt you here
The garden where you skip
No longer holds a fear
For you

When I pick you up
And try to read your face
Imagine what you'd say
If words could just replace
Your squeaks

A salad bowl - your banquet
A pile of hay - your blanket
A garden - your world to roam
A cosy lounge - your home

Each time you watch TV
You look like it's the first
Eyes gaze up amazed
The screen lights up your fur
You see

And sometimes I recall
The pet shop let you go
Did you mind the cardboard box
Or the brother you didn't know
You had?
Track Name: End Of The Summer
Leaves turning yellow
Conkers are falling
School hols are over
The weather appalling

Signs of the time of year
End of the summer (x2)

Blue shifts to brown and red
Frost on the windscreen
Part of the shorter days
And longer nights inbetween
Track Name: Out Of The Clouds
Finally - the fog is lifting
Gradually - the grey dissolves to blue
Although I knew it was just a case of time
The wait is worse when there’s nothing you can do

And I run to collect the flakes that descend
Out of the clouds
I scoop the air with a butterfly net
From here on the ground
It felt like so long - can’t wait ‘til they’re gone
So I’ll stay and play for as long as I’m allowed

From down here, the clouds look cotton-woolly
If you flew, you’d find it’s cold and wet
But if you ask, I’d leap off terra-firma
And I haven’t given up fishing for ideas yet
Track Name: My Love
My lo-o-ove
My sweet and lovely girl
My lo-o-ove
The best in all the world
No-one else is as special as you
And no-one can do all the things that you do
My lo-o-ove
The loveliest in the world

Since the first day that we met
Our life has been a summer swim, where none of us got wet
Now I can say wth total confidence
When it comes to loving you, there's no sitting on the fence...
Track Name: Damselfly
Perched on a reed
That only bends
Iridescent, bluer than the sky
Two stained-glass windows
So crystal clear
To catch the breezes, and you fly

Hunter of the pool
Explorer of the air
Chaser of the summer's day

Living just for days
Then fly away
Here for a season, soon to pass
From green to brown
And blue to grey
A life as fleeting as the grass
Track Name: Return Of The Dancing Hamster
That dancing hamster on the Web
'Bout fifteen years ago
That was me and now I'll tell
Some things you ought to know

I had my own domain name
At HampsterDance.com (sic)
Just a row of animated GIFs
And a looping, grating song

I guested on "The Simpsons"
Got emailed everywhere
I nicked my song from a Disney film
But no-one seemed to care

I must've really irked someone
A big club, I didn't duck
Someone shouted "Break a leg"
I thought they meant "Good luck"

Years of convalescing
In a home for worn-out memes
I watched YouTube with envy
All those funny video streams

Now I think I'll make a comeback
Though my dancing days are through
I'm going to join the LOLcats
To keep annoying you!
Track Name: Closing
Look how far we’ve come
Down a winding path
Now the end’s in view
We might share a laugh
A cocktail of achievement and relief

We were random friends
In a crazy race
A marathon
At a sprinter’s pace
I view the finish line in disbelief

And it’s time to bid goodbye for now
Taking a collective bow
Time to lay our tired notepads down

How much ground has passed
All those notes and words
From these recent weeks
Only mostly heard
Offered up to play and to be played

How much further on
From where we began
Even where the end
Didn’t match the plan
It’s a source of pride when the course was stayed