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by TA Walker

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This is a slightly-edited version of my solo improvised performance with electric guitar, electronics and loop sampler, at the "Everything@GCS" creative event at Gateway Church Swindon, UK, on the 21st July 2010.

The recording was taken directly from my on-stage mixer, and whilst I have made best efforts to improve the technical quality of the sound (de-noising, "normalising" and so on), the listener should bear in mind that this is a live improvisation, with the odd attendant "false step"! Due to issues with some noise from the equipment which has proven difficult to remove, the recordings are presented at a comparatively low level, and are therefore probably most suited to "background" or "ambient" listening.

The technical points above are mostly why I have decided to make this album downloadable for free. All I ask in return is that you let me know if you liked it (or even if you didn't, but in that event, please be constructive :-)).

Thanks for listening...


released July 30, 2010

TA Walker - electric guitar, live electronics, loop sampler
Recording and post-production by TW
Thanks to Dan for lending me the extra delay pedal, and to Gateway Church Swindon for giving me the opportunity to do this thing...




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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