The Rockpool Files

by TA Walker

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An EP of pieces with a loose summer connection between them.

I wrote two of the songs as part of the 2013 50/90 Challenge (to write and record fifty songs in ninety days... best not to enquire how that went!), whilst the other two emerged in the late spring of 2013. I thought it was about time I put out a few tracks, and preferably before the summer was out, so here they are. Enjoy :-)



released August 12, 2013

All songs played, sang, arranged and recorded on an Apple iPhone 4S by T.A. Walker
All compositions by TA Walker, except for additional musical material on "Santa's Summer Holiday" by Felix Mendelssohn, William Cummings and James Lord Pierpont
Mixed in Logic Pro (Mac)
Cover produced with the VinylizeMe app for iPhone (
Photos: Tim
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TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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Track Name: Memory Lane
We waited long, through months of grey
And finally, the sun arose again
The boy deep down inside, prays this is the day
To rollerskate down Memory Lane

Long-forgotten summers await the kiss of life
Trains to distant seaside towns await
Grab an ice-cream you remember
Memory Lane is calling - don't be late

The signs we see - both black and blue
Are only recollections that remain
Sometimes further down, mists may block the view
But I've never broken down on Memory Lane

Long-forgotten summers...
Track Name: Santa's Summer Holiday
He leaves the keys with a trusted elf
And sets off for Hawaii all by himself
Even the man with the toys needs a break
It’ll do him some good, for goodness’ sake...

You’ll know it’s him leaving the airport
By the red-and-white Bermuda shorts
The hotel staff can’t believe their eyes
Their tip is sherry and mince pies

He swaps his sleigh for a Jumbo jet
And he doesn’t mind if his feet get wet
The elves all cheer, “Hip-hip-hooray”
It’s Santa’s summer holiday

That’s Mr Claus chilling by the pool
With a G&T where the shade is cool
He gives the volleyball a spin
And soon resolves to get more slim

And on the beach as the sun descends
Joining singalongs with his new friends
Plays ukulele like a pro
On “Jingle Bells”, the only song he knows

He swaps his sleigh for a Jumbo jet...

He won’t forget the postcard to the Pole
With Christmas a few months away
Santa’s earned his holiday
Track Name: Coffee, toast and cornflakes
Frost on the window
A dim memory
With June round the corner
And you next to me
The red of September
Can wait for a time
The dreaming of blue skies
With tonic and lime

Summer breeze and morning light
To kiss your eyes awake
Coffee, toast and cornflakes
Leave to me...

Or maybe we stay here
And make today wait
For this is our week when
All meetings run late
The waves in the distance
Can roll on alone
The toast isn’t burning
I turned off my phone

And maybe this evening
A table for two
And a date with the shoreline
To take in the view
The moon’s the exception
That three is a crowd
This evening in slow-mo
Then we’re home-bound

Summer breeze and morning light...