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by TA Walker

Boulders 02:55
When the big round rock needs to roll And the push feels out of your control The movement to start They say’s the hardest part But first you have to shift it from the hole Once you build up the momentum, off you go Rumbling that boulder to and fro While it remains in motion The effort spent is low - some Comfort when your progress doesn’t show And your days get filled like a skip And you have to tell yourself to get a grip Take the aggregate and stones That give you aching bones And build a motorway and take a trip When the highway needs to greet another tyre But congestion on your journey’s utterly dire Tell a limerick that’s terrific And cornier than this lyric But don’t forget to raise your windows higher And your days...
Six in the morning - I’m somehow awake Then I remember the ducks on the lake Their quacks don’t consider I stayed up so late And mock my vain efforts, my thoughts to dictate That voice in my head, so eager to speak Of all that I feel, not the words that I seek If I give the impression I’m always prepared With a smart witticism, and rarely look scared You should see me here, bags under my eyes With notepad and small hours ...and still, I try The subject demands I form every phrase To make the whole worthy of everyone’s praise I fight the temptation to lay down the pen For fear I’ll lack strength to raise it again I envy the hedgehogs, asleep until spring The right time to ring in the new
You make things happen Or they happen to you I’ve heard it endlessly Now from this chair I’d like a miracle To land and inspire me It’s hard to avoid the conclusion I’ve been overtaken by events Find the tape and rewind to The chapter that makes sense You’re the guiding star In my firmament The guiding light at sea I’m the white dwarf In your orbit Our star is binary
45 02:54
Once, the TV channel choice was 1 or 2 or 3 And the ZX Spectrum seemed like high technology Once, we’d see red tube trains on the Northern Line And when politicians fouled up, they’d straightaway resign Once I could walk downstairs without audibly creaking And most days I can understand everyone who’s speaking Now I’ve turned 45 Now I’ve turned 45 Remember any British cars that didn’t fall apart Or any decent singles that topped the British charts Remember when a Monday night would stop for “Doctor Who” Or when a dinner party had to offer a fondue Maybe that’s too long ago, my memory too flaky Though I remember all too well the Number 1s by Shaky And I’ve turned 45 And I’ve turned 45 I’m quite aware that Snapchat’s not an app for crocodiles I’m quite relieved that signpost distances are still in miles I know Britain’s got talent that you won’t see on that show And Stormzy’s not a weather term that means the wind will blow I still possess my marbles, if not my common sense Though I still remember sweet-shops that sold two chews for one pence Now I’ve turned 45 Now I’ve turned 45
Dewdrops 02:08
When all is said and done And notebooks have been filled When races have been run That left me standing still When dewdrops on the lawn Fly with the rising sun That glimmers through the morning mists I wait on your return Survey the blue - where you flew too The cords in the sky That bind you and I When all is said and done These two clouds merged to one No longer know the end Or where it all began Like dewdrops on the lawn I wait for your return
We all know that summer's long gone And the sky has drank its cellar of sun Find me where the swans convene In this pond-side seat they named for me The lazy wind won't amble through here Kept at bay by a scarf and cashmere A parka and a memory of tropical climes Make that tea, for I'm taking my time Remember the advert with the boy who glowed After breakfast, off to school in the snow? I don't need porridge for the same effect As my morning started so perfectly Pre-lunch minutes paddle slow Smaller seconds follow close A shaft of sun breaks through the gloom The fire inside was lit by you I don't moan the world has left me behind When I had no destination in mind The morning flew before I awoke The dream dispersed like so much smoke You hear me say it's not too late Even as we watch our plans deflate Where there's life, there's always hope Watch out for the rescue rope Please drop by the park if you're free The bench feels warmer in good company You'll find the one in blue that's new It was made for three; we'll make do with two When we've fed the ducks, we'll shoot the breeze Talk news and weather and creaky knees Before we know, the sun sank low I guess you know a place to go?
Late Autumn 04:04
Last Song 01:56
If this were my last song And I hope it will not be I would prefer... a “My Way” A valedictory To raise a music monolith For posterity to heed If I meet a bus the wrong way Or a meteorite, indeed Can’t promise you an orchestra But for my grand finale I’d stretch myself to give you All the very best of me So, why this ukulele? It’s easy to carry Like the synths on my iPhone I always have on me But larger than my studio Are the sentiments I share You’ll always own a part of me That I leave in your care Can’t promise you an orchestra...


This is the album I wrote and recorded entirely between 1-30 November 2017, for the National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) challenge.

This time around, I thought I'd try making more more use of music software on my iPhone... and I did exactly that! Hope you enjoy it :-)

- Tim


released November 30, 2017

Produced by T.A. Walker for Sidingsound Productions

All tracks composed and recorded by T.A. Walker between 1-30 November 2017 for the National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo) challenge
Guitars, ukuleles, synths, vocals, programming and percussion by T.A. Walker
Recorded by Tim on the Sidingsound Mobile (iPhone 6S, Line6 Sonic Port VX)
Overdubs (Arturia Solina V "string synth" on "Last Song"; Logic Drummer on "45") and mixing by Tim at Sidingsound I, England, November 2017

Instruments: FunkBox, Moog Model 15, iOptigan, Kauldron, Xynthesizr, PocketGuitar, Pocket Organ C3B3, ThumbJam, iFretless Bass, miniSynth 2, Droneo, Moog Filtatron, Monotone Delay
Recording and FX: Multitrack DAW, AUM, Brusfri, MicSwap Pro, BIAS Amp, ToneStack, Harmony Voice, Voloco, Crystalline Mini, Haaze

Cover art by Tim (incorporating "45 Record Album" by user "masonmouse" (openclipart.org) under Creative Commons)

THANKS TO... my fellow voyagers of NaSoAlMo for all their encouragement and motivation (especially on the Facebook group); Stefan Stenzel for making the iOptigan app (and welcome encouragement at a key moment); my family for their usual understanding of me at songwriting challenge time (!); and you for listening and holding off with the squishy tomatoes...




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica", "lo-fi" and "prog" inclinations.

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