Usualele EP

by TA Walker

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...being an EP-sized bundle of songs I wrote on ukulele - some new, some not - and (re)-recorded sporadically between December 2016 and July 2017... call it my first recorded venture into "ukulele pop"?

Hope you enjoy it :-)



released July 17, 2017

TA Walker - electric, acoustic and MIDI ukuleles; guitalele; voice; iPhone instruments
Written, arranged and recorded by Tim on an iPhone 6S (with a Line6 Sonic Port VX)
Mixed by Tim at Sidingsound I, England, July 2017
THE UKES: 2016 Risa Solid electric tenor, 2012 Yamaha guitalele, 2016 Octopus soprano (thanks Naomi for the loan!)
THE APPS: Soft Drummer, iFretless Bass, Thumbjam, MIDI Guitar 2, ToneStack, BIAS Amps, AUM, Johnny Mini, Multitrack DAW
Cover art: Tim (with help from the Waterlogue iPhone app)
Thanks to Joy and Naomi and YOU




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica" and "prog" inclinations. Will that do?

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Track Name: Ideas
Going round in circles
Screwed papers
All around the floor
Don’t know
How to pen a lyric
That over many years endures

I try
Every time I sit down
To fashion
Something nearly new
You know
Rising to a challenge
Gives me something else to do

Lend a word, or lend an ear
Because I can’t seem to think clear-ly
Be assured I’ll pay you back
Once I’m back on the right track - oh…

All this verbal firehosing
Just spraying everywhere I aim
It won’t earn a welcome fortune
Though I’d settle for the fame

Straighten out that paper ball
Reflecting back, those lines weren’t bad at all...
Track Name: Fix The Clouds
Looking through the glass
Not expecting it to rain here
You know the storm will pass
Impatient to remain clear

Your skies in shades of blue
If I could always fix the clouds for you
And all the world in view
If I could always fix the clouds for you

My tendency to talk in rhymes
Can save me bothering with meaning
Crack the enigma, take your time
I think we’d both find it revealing

Your skies in shades of blue...
Track Name: That Went Well
We were making forward progress
Into the ditch we fell
The runners’ eyes avoid the mess
“That went well”

Of Robbie Burns, and best-laid plans
I know as much as any man
When life elects to ditch the script
I try to roll with it

There’s no place in our training
For a forced and fraught farewell
So we wave despite the raining
“That went well”

Of Robbie Burns, and best-laid plans…

I don’t know where we would be
Had it gone differently
With my inherited lemon tree
Lemonade sounds good - to - me
Track Name: It Was Enough For Us
We nurtured love from that first spring
Internet-chatting like a champ
A dial-up connection - a net-meeting
Video sized like a postage-stamp
It made our daughter laugh today
But it was enough for us

To each other, we had to cling
When showers came, we’d only just begun
Through winter, coming back to spring
Sandwiches shared in the sun
The flowers took their time to bloom
But it was enough for us

How quickly all the years have flown
And how we long for more in store
Alternating gold and green
Each season richer than before
And at the end, for us to smile
“It was enough for us”