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.​.​.​As It Goes: Songs From FAWM 2017

by TA Walker

Black is white And dark is fear No world outside your frame Up is down To fall is flight The past is what we claim We build our reality To stand on legs of clay Four lights, four fingers Through the looking-glass again Trust us, we got this It’s warm and yellow - call it rain Day is night An eclipse, the sun A cloud across the moon A grain of sand In billions Will build the mighty dunes An hourglass of untruths To bury for all time
Friday Night 02:40
Friday night, and I’m good to go Down to the sofa to watch my show This is how I get my kicks A three-hour binge-watch on Netflix All right I’m gonna paint the lounge tonight I’m here And I brought the crisps and beer Woo-ee Tonight I’ll get to episode three To the clubs, tonight you’ll run You’re not fooling anyone We both know you’d rather be Bingeing “Star Trek” next to me All right… A Friday night with plenty thrills Unless that bag of peanuts spills If the fridge is on your way Another bottle, if you may All right...
A line of navy blue paints the east I won’t notice it for an hour at least While I sail back from the moon Aurita jellyfish wave me through And slowly I become aware of you And day comes all too soon Sleep fades with the sun That rises for another day to run And I want more time to dream And when our dinghy comes and lands ashore I want to turn and cast away once more Terra’s far too firm for me Mapping clouds on lunar seas Given choice, I’d choose my reveries To cold reality Sleep fades with the sun...
Lights are turning Drivers learning Buses only Up this one way street CCTV Cameras see me Rubber burning Up this one way street Dodge the bollards JG Ballard Wrote the highway code For this one way street A nowhere road The wrong postcode Don’t crash too hard Down this one way street
As It Goes 02:21
The horses race and the dice will fall And somehow I must make sense of it all Look for the joker and find the ace To save my face Spin the wheel and turn the card Makes no difference if you try hard If a chance is all you take Just one mistake Meet the future as it goes Around the corner, no-one knows No need to gamble on what’s to come Just set your face and run
Our first 14th, we celebrated two weeks late You had a good long way to come But you were worth the wait We’ve met the rest together - through the rain and sun I forgot we were once singles Now you’re my Number One Sixteen years of Valentines Have flown by in a rush Feb the 14th, the only day Such lines won’t make me blush Indulge me with these sentiments That I mean quite sincere-ly Now I can face the world Because you’re here This song contains more corn than last week’s veggie stew But I loved every mouthful Just like I’m loving you Oh, please forgive my impudence And my other faults as well I had not long to write this song I’m sure that you can tell...
Figure 8 01:48
Procrastination Take care of it tomorrow That train’s leaving the station The chance of boarding, quite low If I’m left there on the platform Some might rightly say It serves me right Ignoring problems The car makes funny noises Until it doesn’t anymore At least, that’s what my wife says A quiet life must be paid for Whatever comes my way It serves me right Face the music Harsh or tuneful Get an earful Question if It serves you right Running from shadows They’ll follow you everywhere Look for the light source You will no longer care The key to the situation To find the right viewpoint It serves me right
We nurtured love from that first spring Internet-chatting like a champ A dial-up connection and NetMeeting Video sized like a postage-stamp It made our daughter laugh today But it was enough for us To each other, we had to cling When showers came, we’d only just begun Through winter, coming back to spring Sandwiches shared in the sun The flowers took their time to bloom But it was enough for us How quickly all the years have flown And how we long for more in store Alternating gold and green Each season richer than before And at the end, for us to smile “It was enough for us”
Perchance you may be curious At my new odyssey To find a new establishment To serve my scones and tea The last one took exception, and Barred me permanently For calling out the riff-raff Who so offended me You may recall my plaintive plea In my hit song - I asked: Is it too much for me to call For a pleb-free light repast? Seemingly, the café thought That selling bacon rolls A more acute priority To please the beastly proles! Now I, a wanderer o’er the earth As if the mark of Cain Were on my self, to mean that I Can ne’er take tea again I wander lonely as the crowd From shop to coffee-shop As if they did agree as one That when I enter: “Stop!” High tea, denied me Alas, oh, what to do? I’ll take it here, in my front room Away from all of you!
Stop and you'll find Everything's a different colour Start to unwind The threads unlike each other Another odd philosophy Another view unseen When the carousel restarts I forget what it all means...
Fading Day 03:02
The western sky, from rose to navy blue And breezes cross the field to me and you The distant town, turning on the lights The fading day lets in another night No planetarium put on a show Like this above us, an evening sky aglow A billion tiny fires in the deep Gathering to guard us as we sleep We know the tales the skies above have told Of hunters, dragons, ploughs and knights of old But as the sun departs for other lands The words leave too, and we both understand No planetarium put on a show...


These are the compositions I wrote and recorded for the FAWM challenge in 2017. February Album Writing Month involves writing and recording, from scratch, 14 original songs in the 28 days of February.

Beyond some remixing, the recordings have been left as I made and posted them.


released March 2, 2017

All tracks composed, performed, programmed and recorded by TA Walker between 1-28 February 2017, as part of the February Album Writing Month (FAWM) challenge
Recorded by Tim on an iPhone 6S, and mixed by him at Sidingsound I, England
Thanks to my family for their usual indulgence of me; my fellow FAWM-ers; and you




TA Walker UK

Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter, often with "electronica", "lo-fi" and "prog" inclinations.

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